lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional

Well classmates, here I'm going to present you Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile website:

This is a very interesting website in which we can find necessary information for the vast majority of classes. For example, there are some links that allow us see the entire list of Chilean laws, stressing above all things, the CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF CHILE. Besides this, we can see how much money receives every parliamentarian and how it is spending, hahahaha we can psychopaths to everybody.
Also, we can find out links to Deputies House and Senate, which are very important when we need to find information about them.

This website has too a lot of links for forums, (in which we can see parliamentarian interviews) and The Chamber’s Radio.

Everyday, you can enter to the website to find out what is happening live on Deputies House and the Senate, because the site has a LIVE BROADCAST OF PARLIAMENTARY SESSION.

I often use when I need search information about some laws, such as cconstitutional organic laws or decrees having the force of law for example. Also when I need to find out some laws that are in process to be enacted, I’ll go directly to this website.

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