martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

Who don't have a computer in this time? Who can conect with other places at the moment whithout a computer? Really, anybody can. The computer is an important tool that make that people are conect with the news in the other places in the world.

I like this because help me in my study, do homeworks, search information to my hobbies, enjoy films and other entertaiment, chat with my friends and read the news in the world. For me is very important but doesn't everything.

I use the computer everyday because i do homework, read news, play videogames , and send email to my sister (because she is in México) or send important mails.

But, for me is important other topic, i think that is very bad to be come addicted with computer, for me is important play football, run , walk, close to nature, and i doesn't a sedentary. I think that the people to forget the importance of the nature in your life.

"The computer is a very good tool who it doesn't becomes a necessity". If I don't had a computer, my life would more complicada, but wouldn't the end of mi life.