martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

Who don't have a computer in this time? Who can conect with other places at the moment whithout a computer? Really, anybody can. The computer is an important tool that make that people are conect with the news in the other places in the world.

I like this because help me in my study, do homeworks, search information to my hobbies, enjoy films and other entertaiment, chat with my friends and read the news in the world. For me is very important but doesn't everything.

I use the computer everyday because i do homework, read news, play videogames , and send email to my sister (because she is in México) or send important mails.

But, for me is important other topic, i think that is very bad to be come addicted with computer, for me is important play football, run , walk, close to nature, and i doesn't a sedentary. I think that the people to forget the importance of the nature in your life.

"The computer is a very good tool who it doesn't becomes a necessity". If I don't had a computer, my life would more complicada, but wouldn't the end of mi life.

martes, 26 de abril de 2011

My perfect world


Hi classmates, I hope that my previous posts are nice for you. Now I talk about a topic related with mi life projects and my career, in this time I talk about “MY PERFECT WORLD”

All people hope a fine world, for me this is not impossible, but for this we should work day to day build partnerships. The economic differences do not exist because this is the principal problem in the world. Other important elements are the education and poverty.

I think that the world is separated by deep seated economic differences; also 20% of the people are proprietor of 80% of wealth. The big countries took a country’s natural resources of small countries, and this will create the uneven distribution of wealth and this history continue until the people think that the money does not the most important in the life.

Other topic important for me, Is the education. The education is more important for the future of society, because it’s the most important tool for to battle the life. With education a lot of people can exit to the poverty, and this is the most important for to reach a perfect world.

If we will be able to delete poverty, delete economic differences, and expand the education coverage, the world would be another.

lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional

Well classmates, here I'm going to present you Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile website:

This is a very interesting website in which we can find necessary information for the vast majority of classes. For example, there are some links that allow us see the entire list of Chilean laws, stressing above all things, the CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF CHILE. Besides this, we can see how much money receives every parliamentarian and how it is spending, hahahaha we can psychopaths to everybody.
Also, we can find out links to Deputies House and Senate, which are very important when we need to find information about them.

This website has too a lot of links for forums, (in which we can see parliamentarian interviews) and The Chamber’s Radio.

Everyday, you can enter to the website to find out what is happening live on Deputies House and the Senate, because the site has a LIVE BROADCAST OF PARLIAMENTARY SESSION.

I often use when I need search information about some laws, such as cconstitutional organic laws or decrees having the force of law for example. Also when I need to find out some laws that are in process to be enacted, I’ll go directly to this website.

jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

Books I like to read

Since i was very young i liked read many books. I liked read detectives books, adeventure books, and my favourite books were comics because i loved to laught with stories. I read these books maybe for five or six years.

But now, i like books by Isabel Allende because these books tell about fantastic, mystical and daily world, and other themes important for me. For example, in the book "The house of spirits" Isabel Allende tells about a woman's life that is very fantastic because she can solve problems with her magic power. The protagonist needed to avoid that her husband was killing the boyfriend of his daughter, because his daughter was pregnant, and in this epoch it was terrible.

sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

This is me!

Hi everybody!

Before I start I have to say that this is my first time writting a blog, I hope you enjoy it.
My name is Patricio Oñate Villagra, I'm 19 years old and I'm a student of Public Administration in Universidad de Chile.

I live in Santiago of Chile with my mom, 3 sisters and my nephew. My girlfriend is called Michelle.

My passion is the soccer, I adore everything about Universidad de Chile's soccer club. I follow it since I'm 5 years old.

Nowadays I practice swimming for the University and is one of the best things in my life.

With this Blog I hope improve all my english skills and make a better day for all my readers.

Have a nice day dudes!!